Revenue Management Assessment

An​ assessment is a great place to start, and many times all a property needs. Whether the property is achieving a 50% RevPar index or a 100% index, we always find revenue 'nuggets'. Our assessments are comprehensive and cover all parts of the revenue management process plus more. This is perfect for a property seeing a steady decrease in market share or continues to under perform expectations. Pricing varies depending on the size and scope of the assessment.

Strategic Oversight

This solution provides you with ongoing oversight and would typically this include: Dedicated weekly revenue strategy call with hotel team Review and analysis of pricing strategy and results Review and analysis of distribution strategy and results Monitoring online reputation comments and scores Group displacement analysis Forecast, budget, and long term strategy oversight Monthly analysis and recommendations for future.

Recruitment and Training 

Computer systems alone cannot ensure a success. Experienced, trained staff, with effective processes in place are needed to pair with these robust computer systems. We are successful in helping properties find, retain, and train revenue managers and reservations staff.

Virtual Revenue Manager

Designed for a property in need of a full-time strategic revenue manager. This service is customized to your hotel’s needs.

Temporary Revenue Manager

A property may periodically operate without a revenue manager due to employee attrition, maternity leave, or change of management.  We are able to fill this gap during these crucial periods by helping the hotel avoid missed opportunities.  This service is customized to hotel’s needs and includes the following: 

  •  Systems Implementation (Opera, Ideas, Synxis) and Pre-opening
  •  Project Management 
  •  Task Force

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